Object: The object of the game is to be the first player to get all four marbles from the starting arrow to the teepee of the corresponding color.

Set-up: Each player takes four marbles of the same color and places them in the starting arrow of the corresponding color. Each player then rolls the die. The player with the highest number goes first and play proceeds to the left. If two or more roll the same number, those players roll again.

Play: A player must roll a one or a six to move a marble from the starting arrow into the starting position on the arrow path. The starting position is the space just outside the starting arrow. See diagram. 

If a player rolls a six, the player is allowed an extra turn. If, on that turn, a six is rolled, the player goes again, and so on. 

A marble on the arrow path is moved the exact number rolled on the die in a clockwise direction. A player may jump over any marble in the arrow path. If a marble lands on a space occupied by an opponent's marble, the opponent's marble is removed and placed back in its starting arrow. A player may never land on his or her own marbles. If a number is rolled that does not allow a marble to be moved, that player forfeits that turn.

Winning: The first player to move all of his or her marbles into the teepee of the same color is the winner.

Variation: A player may take a shortcut by moving to the space in the center of the board on an exact roll. For example, if a marble is in the starting position and the player rolls a five, the player may choose to move to the center space. If an opponent's marble occupies the center space, the opponent's marble is removed and placed back in its starting arrow. To exit the center space, the player must roll a one or a six and resume play on the side diagonal to his or her own side. See diagram.

Playing as partners: A player sits diagonal to his or her partner. Rules for individual play apply with the following additional rules. A player may not land on and replace his or her partner's marbles. If a player rolls a number and cannot move, that player may move one of his or her partner's marbles. The first team to move all of their marbles into their two teepees wins.

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