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Vintage Wa Hoo Boards

Sorry, I have no old boards for sale. I am often asked the worth of old WA HOO boards. The boards shown on this page were made anywhere from the 1960s through the 1980s. Most are not that rare and I guess they are worth what you are willing to pay for them. I have purchased them at flea markets for $10-$20, but sometimes see them sold on eBay for as much as $50. If the board you have has sentimental value, it would be worth more to keep it and hang it on your wall as I have done with my old boards. They are all hanging in our game room. 



Board 1

Mile High Game Company  Denver, CO - 1962

Board 2

Creative Designs
Gatesville, TX 

Board 3

Creative Designs 
Gatesville, TX

Board 4

Creative Ideas 
Gatesville, TX

Board 5

King & Associates - 1963

Board 6

Creative Designs

Board 7

Creative Designs

Board 8

Patco Toys
Pasadena, Texas

Board 9

Texas Traditional Toy Co Dallas, TX (early 1980s)

Board 10

Pressman Toy Corp
New Brunswick, NJ (1986)

Board 11

unknown Swedish company circa 1970s

Board 12

unknown company

Board 13

Plastic Activities
Van, TX

Board 14

Crown Game Company
Houston, TX (early 1960's)