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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I order the Original WA HOO directly from Traditional Game & Toy Company? 

A: You bet! That's what this web site is for. Click here to order.

Q: How do I place an order? 

A: First, I cannot accept telephone orders and I cannot call you back to get your order. If you do not want to send credit card information online, you can still go through the online order process and FAX or mail your order to me.  Click here to order.

Q: If I place my order online, how safe is my credit card number? 
A: For online payment we use a web page on a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection. If you see the locked padlock on your browser, it means your credit card information is being transmitted over a secure data link.
Q: Can I find WA HOO locally? 

A: Contact your local toy retailer and ask for The Original WA HOO. If they do not have WA HOO, give them the name, address, and telephone number of Traditional Game & Toy Company and tell them to contact us. WA HOO is very popular but many toy retailers do not know that WA HOO is still manufactured. Click here to see a current list of dealers who have WA HOO.

Q: How many sixes can be rolled consecutively and does the player get to roll again after each six rolled? 

A: There is no limit to the number of sixes a player may roll and the player may continue to roll again after each six rolled.
Q: Can a player jump his or her own marbles? 

A: Well, my family allows a player to jump his or her own marbles. Your family might want to play the other way. Some people allow jumping over one's own marbles except in the teepee area. This does add another dimension of difficulty to the game.

Q: We've lost our instruction sheet. How do I obtain another copy of the instructions? 

A: Click here to view the official rules. You can print these for your own use.
Q: Where did the game WA HOO come from? 
A: That's a good question. Although people have made their own WA HOO boards for years, I have been told that the first commercial WA HOO game was made by Mile High Game Company of Denver Colorado. I do have one of these games in my collection. It was made in 1962, but I know WA HOO has actually been around much longer than that.
Q: If I make a "homemade" WA HOO board, do I violate any trademarks or copyrights? 
A: No. Only if you started manufacturing and marketing a game with the name or appearance of the Original WA HOO would you violate our trademark. Incidentally, before us, nobody had ever filed for a trademark registration on this game. TGTC was granted a registered trademark in 1993 for the name "WA HOO" and the Indian head logo.
Q: Do we have to play using the rules supplied with The Original WA HOO? 
A: Of course not! The purpose of playing WA HOO is to have fun. If you or your family want to play by different rules or make up your own, that's fine!
Q: Why do your games NOT have a checker board on the back? 
A: We don't put a checker board on the back for the same reason we don't put the instructions on the back. It costs too much. 
The checker boards on the backs of those old boards were not really just to provide another game surface. In those days, color printing was prohibitively expensive. Therefore, the game surface was only printed in two colors. In order to know where to put the different marbles, color squares were placed in the back of the boards so that the colors would show through the holes in the front of the boards. Then, the checkerboard backing was put on to cover up the colored squares glued to the back of the playing surface.
Q: Why don't you attach the instruction sheet to the back of the board? 
A: Believe me, I wish I could figure out a way to attach the instructions to the board. There are two reasons why this hasn't been done. The first reason is that, with the current board, the marbles would not sit firmly in the holes. If the board were thicker than the current .080 inch, it might be possible to do this. However, to make a board thicker than .080 inch would be nearly impossible since all 81 holes are actually PUNCHED out at once by a huge die cutter. The second reason is that young kids would invariably punch holes in the paper with their fingers anyway. For some kids, the temptation to punch their fingers through these holes is just too great! That's why most old WA HOO boards have the holes punched out.
Q: Why don't you put your games in a real box instead of just shrink-wrapping them? 
A: It's just too expensive to make a custom box. I recommend to people that if they want a box for their WA HOO board, go to their local pizza restaurant and ask to buy a 16" pizza box (unused of course... HA HA). It's a perfect fit. In fact, that's what we use to ship individual boards from the warehouse.
Q: Can I pay with a check or money order rather than paying online? 
A: Yes, you can pay with a check or money order. Just go through the online order process, proceed to check out and when you get to the Order Summary page, you can select "Print to FAX or Mail" option under Payment Method.
Q: How do you calculate shipping on my order? 

A: Each WA HOO (Original and Mexicas) board weighs 2 pounds and is shipped in a 16"x16"x2" pizza box. If you order multiple boards, these pizza boxes will be bundled together and shipped as one box. This will save you considerable shipping charges. Your order will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is calculated by determining the dimension and weight of the final package and applying the rates in the most current USPS rate table.

The Deluxe WA HOO boards are shipped in individual pizza boxes and weigh from 4 to 7 pounds.

NOTE: If ONLY game accessories (Game Packs, Leather Pokes, Dice) are purchased, a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope will be used. If game accessories are purchased with a game board, you will incur no additional shipping charge. Your postage charge may be cheaper than what is shown on your order. If I can ship your accessories cheaper by sending them USPS First Class, then I will do so and refund you the difference.

Q: If I enter my e-mail address, what will you do with it? 
A: I only use e-mail addresses to notify you that I've received your order and, if necessary, to contact you about your order. Also, if I introduce additional products, I will notify you via e-mail. I'm not in the business of selling e-mail addresses to marketers. Your e-mail address will not be given to anyone for ANY reason.
Q: Do you provide marbles and dice with each of your games? 

A:All games come complete with marbles, dice, draw-string pouch and instructions.

For any other questions or suggestions regarding the Original WA HOO, send us e-mail at, or write us at:

Traditional Game & Toy Company 
PO Box 605 
Aledo, Texas 76008
Thanks for your interest.